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Name: Tamara Bruno
Age: 16
Location: new york, new york
Sex: female
Interests: writing, singing, track, family, friends,
Hobbies: talking, computers, sports,
Partner: in a relationship >>>almost 2 months
Reason for joining: i made this community and i wanted a place where people can join just because they have something to say
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Name: Sarah danielle hernandez
Age: 13
Location: texas
Sex: female
Interests: singing, dancing,guys,girls,movies,music,vampires,wicca,harry potter,sweep,chillin,lj,fries,fire,quizzes,acting,rollerblading,laughing,the rain,the phone. . . ummmm yea thats all i can think of right now
Hobbies: ^most of that
Partner: of girls: beth and jamie/of guyz: hector
Reason for joining: i was on the other community when u said about ur macking a new community.
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Name: Molly
Age: 11
Location: UK
Sex: Female
Interests: The Sims 2, music, rats, spiritual things, relaxation, animals, acting.
Hobbies: Playing with my pet rat, drawing, reading, listening to music, looking at photos of animals, acting and being in plays, doing drama in lessons at school.
Partner: Um...none? I don't have a bf if that's what you're on about :(
Reason for joining: I wanted to join a community that's intended for pre-teen to teens that younger people are allowed to join. (I do understand that there may be things that are quite adult, but I'm not like a little kid so it won't confuse me).

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Thanks in advance to everyone who helps.
must keep writingb

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This is a community just because everyone has a voice and it should be able to be heard no matter who they are, no matter what color, identity, or status. Feel free to give suggestions to define this community and anything that you feel should be done or changed... anyone can join so please feel free to add me

:Basic Guidelines:

*Do not bash, make fun of, put down, harass, etc. other members.
If you break that rule, you will be banned.
(any harrassment should be reported to me)

*I do not want suicide notes in this community. This community is not meant for encouraging suicide or anything of the sort. It is a place to discuss feelings, about depression and self injury and or just talking.

*When you join, please just make a post introducing yourself. I will not force you to, but it is common courtesy.

*Pictures are more than welcome, but I do ask that any pictures of Self Injuries or anything to that extreme sort be placed behind a LJ cut.

*You can post quizes, surveys, etc. in here as long as they relate to the community, and they are behind a lj cut if there are any triggering pictures, or if it's extremely long.

*You may promote other communities in here, but not as long as its your every entry.....


**If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions to make the community better, do not hesitate to comment on my personal journal: carebeargurl101

If everyone can answer these few questions so that people can get to know you that would be great....thanks

Reason for joining:

must keep writingb

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hello every one so i am slowly working on the community but is getting better i posted rules up and some more stuff ... if you guyz wish you can add anything you want and i'll get back to it later


and if i am going to post in here and its not for the community i will put it under a lj-cut but if its not then it concerns the community
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sarah funny

oi, u there, ello!

hey yall well sum guy named paul was gonna ruin everything for me and my friends and ugh hes such a dumb ass! anywho cummon yall were not posting. lets make this a kick ass community where well have to many members to keep count of.ttyl

much love homies ♥
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